Get Access to Nutritious Food

We strive to provide balanced, nutritious food to all our clients. Our supply fluctuates week-to-week, but typically we are able to provide clients with a variety of non-perishable food, frozen meat, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables and some personal care items.

We serve individual adults and families that meet certain monthly income guidelines. Depending on supply, we have diapers, and sometimes  food and formula for infants. For our homeless clients we offer ready-to-eat foods and prepared foods that do not require cooking. Common Pantry does not provide clothing, furniture or appliances, nor do we stock specific items or brands for clients.

How to Get Food

Introducing our new Drive-Thru grocery pickup option!
Beginning in November, if you have a car or get a ride to the pantry for your once-a-month groceries, you can follow the steps below to reserve a time for our drive-thru option where you get to stay in the car! This will be IN ADDITION to our normal option for guests to walk up to the front tent. You now have the choice to walk up (no reservation required) like normal or use our new drive-thru once a month (online reservation required each month, see below). 
Normal Distribution Hours: Wednesdays, 1-4pm and 6-8pm, Thursdays, 1-4pm
Drive-Thru Hours: Wednesdays 1-4 pm, Thursdays 1-4pm (not available during evening session). 
Drive-Thru Instructions/Rules: 
  • Reserve a time online for your once-a-month pickup (you’ll need to do this each month you want to use the drive-thru). Starting in November, we will post the link to each month’s drive-thru reservations on or before the 1st of each month (use link below). Please arrive within your time window. If you arrive at the pantry early or late, you will not be served through the drive-thru (you will have to park and use the walk-up option like normal).
  • Create a car tag: Get a large piece of paper. Write the first four letters of your last name and the last four digits of your phone number in dark marker. Make it big enough to read from outside your car! Put it on the passenger side of your dashboard when you arrive at the pantry. (insert example images here, attached to this email).
  • Enter the drive-through line in front of the pantry going south on Damen. The line will continue around the corner onto Bradley Avenue where we’ll bring your food out of our side door. There will be signs to help guide you! When you get to the front of the line, park your car and unlock your doors or trunk.
  • Don’t get out of your car! Volunteers will place the food in your trunk or back seat.
  • Drive home safely! Make another reservation next month!

Click here to make your reservation

Please bring your ID.



Our service area extends east-west from Ashland Avenue to Kimball Avenue and north-south from Lawrence Avenue to Diversey Parkway. We also serve all of Lathrop homes, including residents south of Diversey. If you are outside of our service area, we provide a few bags of food and a referral to the pantry in your area.

Produce Day

We offer a special produce day, always on the third Monday of every month (except January). Any Cook County resident, regardless of income, is invited to come between 10 a.m. and 12 noon to receive fresh fruit and veggies, provided by the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Food Delivery for Homebound Seniors

We offer delivery for those who cannot come to the pantry on their own. Once per month, volunteers pack bags and deliver food. To inquire about receiving this service, please call our program manager at (773) 327-0553.