We have moved!

Common Pantry is delighted to announce that we have moved! We purchased our new facility at 3908 N Lincoln Ave in 2021, began construction in 2022, and will be ready to continue current services and expand our offerings to support our community August 2, 2023.

For the first time in Common Pantry’s 56-year history, we own a building dedicated to serving people in need of emergency food and services. Our new location is just 3 blocks from our current location. It is a single-story commercial property that previously housed two restaurants. The remaining restaurant, C’est Bien Thai, will continue to operate its restaurant at 3900 N. Lincoln Ave, leasing the space from Common Pantry.

The new space will provide ample light and a welcoming space for visitors for all programs.  It will be accessible for those with physical challenges or mobility issues, meeting ADA accessibility requirements. It will also feature a large communal and dining space, a commercial kitchen that will be used for the weekly hot lunch program, and a grocery shopping area. New additions in the space include an outdoor courtyard, a multi-purpose room, and a volunteer room. 

For more information please visit our “Our New Home” page.