Construction has begun at our new home on Lincoln Ave!

We have begun construction on the pantry’s new home on Lincoln Avenue! This officially kicks off the next steps of providing our guests with a welcoming, fully accessible, light-filled space. We invited staff, our Board of Directors, local officials and supporters to join us in ushering in this exciting milestone and breaking down some walls, literally! To learn more, click to watch the video below.



Having a space of our own is transformative for Common Pantry, which has been a mainstay and ingrained in the fabric of the Northcenter neighborhood for decades. The ability to design a new space will help us increase efficiency, accessibility and visibility and accelerate our strategic plan to better serve people in need. 

Despite the pandemic, we never stopped serving our community which includes engagement programs like “Common Kids” to help youth volunteers understand the root causes of poverty and the “I Am Your Neighbor” restaurant meal donations. In fact, we did not cancel a single food distribution day since the start of the pandemic. 

The building acquisition was supported and greatly facilitated by our local elected officials, donors and partners including leaders at Epiphany, as well as our 11-member volunteer board of community residents. We’re grateful to all and to our hundreds of volunteers who make this work possible. 

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Common Pantry New Building Press Release

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Thanks to Fox32 Chicago for this great interview of Board Chair David Brown and Director Margaret O’Conor about our new building last week!