VIDEO: Pandemic Continues to Impact Food Insecurity

Several months into the global COVID-19 pandemic, Chicago’s oldest continually operating food pantry continues to serve an influx of people experiencing food insecurity. 

Since the start of the pandemic, demand at Common Pantry has consistently been up 150%, with the Pantry spending three times as much on food and supplies compared to last year, Executive Director Margaret O’Conor said. 

Watch this video for a 5-minute interview with O’Conor detailing current demand, needs and a preview for winter operations.

Many of the Pantry’s new clients are food service workers who have reduced hours or lost their jobs, and they are welcomed to use the Pantry’s services, O’Conor said. 

Creative social distancing solutions to serve people safely have been in place since the start of the pandemic, and will continue into the winter months. Pantry staff and volunteers are preparing to best serve the community through new approaches that minimize time outdoors and utilize technology. 

With an anticipated uptick in need this winter, Common Pantry asks for the continued support of our generous neighbors. As a nonprofit we have more buying power to get food in bulk, and your donations make this possible. Please donate now to help us stock up for winter.